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The Be Amazing Every Day course (BAED) is a unique, powerful and astonishing form of training. It has become the way I lead my Life. My own particular 'journey' to becoming Amazing Every Day has taken years of research, thought and testing.


My biographical background (medical research, neuroscience, leadership, sport, comedy, speaking and mediation) combined with my own version of 'success' and my own view of supposed 'failure', redemption and Excellence, always has brought me here.

I have distilled this knowledge into a tangible essence; the science of being amazing defined and refined. Using the principle of a metaphorical knowledge 'still' modelled on my memories of Chemistry classes, I have 'distilled' a potentially precious droplet of wisdom, that is valuable, can transform lives and I want to share with you.


Tim Dingle BSc (Hons), PGCE, MIBiol, MBA, has been involved in education, management and training for the last 30 years. Tim is a former Headmaster of a top school and gained an MBA with a distinction. His dissertation was on body language and Interview skills. He has a unique insight into teaching, leadership and management and has now written 26 books on a variety of topics including motivation, leadership, education, training, communication, interview success and business. onstant use for difficult and complex problems. His work in the hospitality sector is making a massive impact and he is dedicated to making everyone feel empowered, successful and making training fun.

His background in management also includes being the Chairman on England Schools Rugby and an active member of the RFU and MCC. His academic pedigree (in Biology, Teaching and Business) combined with his mediation skills, gained him a place on the Board of the Global Negotiation Insight Institute (which used to be the Harvard Negotiation project).

He has lectured all around the world with keynote speeches at many national and international events. His facilitation skills are in constant use for difficult and complex problems. His work in the hospitality sector is making a massive impact and he is dedicated to making everyone feel empowered, successful and making training fun.

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Sarah The Fertility Therapist is the Founder of The Big Breath Company
Sarah The Fertility Therapist is the Founder of The Big Breath Company

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I had my final exam to be qualified as a financial adviser a few weeks back and I had to remember a lot of facts and figures from memory, without any notes or prompts. I was dreading this because I have a terrible memory and unless I write something down, I will without question forget it. As I was already enrolled on Tim’s Be Amazing Everyday course, (which is fabulous by the way) I decided to ask Tim if he knew anything about improving memory and if he could improve mine, and that’s exactly what he did. Tim showed me methods to remember facts, figures and just about anything else without even thinking about it. If I knew that my brain could be fixed so quickly and so easily, I would have signed up with Tim along time ago. Thanks to Tim’s knowledge and expertise I passed my exam and I have Tim directly to thank for that, so, thanks Tim, and I encourage anyone who hasn’t already had sessions with Tim to give them a go. You won’t regret it.

James Mole
London Belgravia Specialist Finance

Tim has changed my life, personally as well as within my business. Together we have been creating a life where I choose FREEDOM and help my clients to do so. I wake up evey morning with Tim's voice in my head telling me to 'ask better questions', 'to dream bigger' and 'to ask how I can inspire others more to choose freedom'. This is because he has done the same for me. We have worked together on putting a structured plan in place so that my business beats to the rhythm of my heart. I feel freer and more amazing than ever having worked with Tim. I will be forever grateful for his support in my creating a life and business that I love! Thank YOU Tim. You really are AMAZING

Connie-Lee Bennett Executive Coach

 " His breadth of skills are astonishing, his commitment to excellence extraordinary. Tim gets the impossible done easily and changes people's lives for good. He's transforms people's lives to give them what they want. I have never met a more generous, capable and amazing human being.." 

Jake Pearce
Innovation Consultant

 "Before I met Tim, Basildon was just another average town in the UK. But thanks to his incredible wisdom about the things in life that we must take seriously, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind: Basildon must be avoided at all costs! Thank you, Tim. You saved my life!." 

Founder at Global Speaker Managemen

 "Tim is a truly amazing individual who inspires trust and passion in to all those who have the desire and ambition to lead people to stardom I have been working with Tim for over 7 years and would honestly say that he is one of the most intelligent professionals i have ever come across

Dasos Kirtsides
Head of Healthcare

The training was fantastic and not only did we learn new skills we also had a good time. He then came back to Fight for Peace to speak to our young people . The young people who I spoke to afterwards were in awe of him and how he held the attention of the room with his knowledge and his stories. 

Michelle Shavdia
Social Entrepreneur